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Fondazione IEO

Buying one of the jewels that  Sefem Design has dedicated to the IEO-CCM Foundation, you can donate your contribution and support IEO Foundation - European Institute of Oncology  for the oncology and cardiac scientific research.

Fondazone IEO-CCM

IEO-CCM Foundation is a non-profit organization that collects resources to contribute to the education and development of clinical research. In particular, the Foundation supports the following points:

● the knowledge about the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, including through the direct exercise or middle third of the biomedical research and health care;

● assistance and physical and psychological therapy of people affected by cancer and cardiovascular disease, including through the donation of material goods is to people that work in the European Institute of Oncology in Milan or the Foundation Monzino Cardiology Centre in Milan, which have the same purposes;

● training and further training of personnel assigned, even indirectly, to medical and paramedical and rehabilitation of people affected by cancer and cardiovascular disease, within the limits of the materials included in those of competence of the regions according to the combined provisions of Articles. 14:35 Presidential Decree n. 616 of 24 July 1977;

● The collection of funds to be allocated to the realization of the purposes of the above points.

You can give your support to European Institute of Oncology and to Monzino Cardiac Center and to the oncology and cardiac scientific research.

For more details about IEO-CCM, visit the internet site of the Foundation

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