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Sphiro Round Necklace

686,00 €

686,00 € per 1

Gold Plated 18 Kt Brass Necklace. It is vailable in the folowing versions:White Gold Plated...

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This pendant with its round and bright lines is a leading accessory in our collection.

Its strong personality and high visual impact are certainly given by the finishing process and accuracy that we use for producing it: curves and symmetrical grooves create gold reflexes and play with light making it even more elegant and precious.

Once again our jewel is born from simplicity, simple as its history is. 

For the elements of our collection, and in particular for this necklace, inspiration comes from a game that seems far away in time and not so actual, but we certainly all played when we were children: the spyrograph. A simple, surprising and amazing game, invented by Engeneer Fisher in 1965, it consists of different elements, such as bars, wheels and sliding rings that give life to fantastic and imaginative curves and symmetries.

Once again, the design jewels comes from the most unexpected objects, inspirations come from our everyday life and especially from our history, from the Italian tradition and craftsmanship. This is why these elements are considered full of meaning, since they incorporate part of our experience and the richness of our tradition.

The Sphyro Necklace intention is to keep their immutable beauty over time, because fashion fade: it would be eternal in its uniqueness and value, that are not only represented by materials but above all by human values.



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