Seem Design last gold collection and concept

Focus is on design. Lines draw three-dimensional shapes and geometric intersections. Architecture applied to jewelry.

SeFem design creates a new style in the world of accessories. New futuristic lines that combine modern architectural shapes and pure, essential design.

Not surprisingly, the concept is inspired by Paola Vanazzi experience, an architect with a passion for jewels, that are conceived as elements of design in their geometric shapes and materials. Jewels that can be worn and used on different occasions. They are versatile, and can be matched with elegant, casual or minimal outfits, thanks to their cleans shapes, that always start from basic geometry.

Made of steel or gold, our jewels are designed to bring out and glorify the personality of the person who is wearing them. Inspired by this idea, our new collections were created: Sol LeWitt, Crossed, Impossible Shapes, Circle Line.