Paola Vanazzi

Paola Vanazzi: from architecture design to the contemporary jewel

Trained as an architect, after graduating and working my way up, I decided to focus on my passion for design and jewelry. The financial crisis and my longing for a new life definitely played the roles of contributing factors.

Having completed a few masters and term-time courses in Milan and London, I decided it was time for a change and I took up a career in luxury fashion.

But I didn’t want to give up and leave behind my training as an architect . Thus, my jewels develop following this creative path: they are sketched on paper, and they get more details through a CAD software, the same that I would use back in the years. This is how I try to bring together my technical skills and jewelry. 

I wanted my origins to be remembered in the name of my brand. In my dialect, “se fem” means “What do we do?”. It may sound like a joke but well suited to the way I have took up this new adventure. What do we do? Definitely we don’t let us live, we are not satisfied, we do not flatten out, we do not homologate.

“The answers to "what do we do?" are her collections of jewelry, that you can tell at first glance are created for those women who are not satisfied, do not flatten out, do not homologate” (StyleUp - Anna Pizzamiglio)

CONCEPT: geometries and the design jewel

SEFEM design was founded in 2013 and aims at creating a new style in the world of accessories. New lines with a futuristic twist, that combine architectural shapes and pure, essential design. Paolina’s training years as an architect lead her to the creation of jewels starting from the study of shapes and geometric lines. This is how the latest collections were created. SEFEM Design stands out from other young designers thanks to its design, creating unique jewels with an essential yet sophisticated style. For the time being, we use steel and gold to make our jewels, but Paolina’s creative power doesn’t stop here, and she will surely amaze us very soon.